In essence; I don’t really know.

Little over a week ago I found myself scrolling through various apps on my phone with no real end game.

I used Insta to show off some DJ Gear.

Facebook to try and improve the listening stats on my mixes.

Mixcloud to upload the mixes.

Soundcloud to listen to undiscovered mixes.

And finally Twitter to get new music links.

Painful, extremely painful.

I’ve deactivated the lot and started a fresh.

I once used VBA within Microsoft Excel to randomly select my lottery numbers so I thought starting a website can’t be that different? So here I am, giving it a go, trying to bring all my social media needs into one place for others to hopefully enjoy.

I’ll be clear from the start, I’m very UK Garage bias, but that doesn’t mean I’m not open to to other genres. I’ve started to appreciate the art of turntablism in recent times too, something that the UK doesn’t really have a scene for.

Just to summarise, this is what I hope to achieve:

  • Opinions on the latest DJ gear arriving

I don’t want this to be confused with a review. A review would require me actually obtaining the gear and giving it a test run. Firstly I’m not financially stable enough to purchase everything that comes out and secondly I’m not Important enough for the manufacturers to just send me test units. We all have a dream though. This is simply my opinion aimed in favour of the bedroom DJ. I’ve owned all sorts of gear over the years so I’m in quite a good position to chuck my opinion in (check out my DJ gear CV for details). I don’t believe there are enough words spoken about the bedroom DJ and that’s what I’m here to do

  • Questions from the NOOBS

When I first started in the digital world it was scary. I didn’t know who to ask the silly questions to, and when I did actually pluck up enough courage to post in a forum I got shot down and treated like a mentally challenged primate. I spent hours on youTube and reading manuals, I want to save others the time.

  • My mixes

I was never in this game for fame and fortune. I just wanted others to listen to music. ‘Do it for the cause and not the applause’. I’ll be uploading bits to MixCloud every now and then and posting the link

  • Featured mixes

Mixes from DJs new and old. Ones that I still listen to today. Ones that shaped the genre. Ones that the MC is on fire. Ones with out of this world technical ability. you won’t get bored, I promise.

  • Blogs

A bit of a strange one. I don’t really know what I’ll do here. Maybe I’ll fancy writing all the mess in my head down for you all to read? Who knows.

To come back to the start, I’m clueless about where this will go. Any suggestions would be welcome.

Thank you for reading.


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