Featured Mix 003 {Rossi & Luca – Rinse FM}

Rossi & Luca – Rinse FM

These boys are a personal favourite of mine. I’m yet to understand why they aren’t world famous. Their creativity and originality surpasses anything I’ve heard.

I first stumbled across these boys at a Sidewinder rave many moons ago – their mixing style is unlike anything you have ever heard in the UKG scene.

Check out their insta (@rossibandluca) for regular 60-second clips of scratching, finger drumming, and sick riddims.

Their soundcloud is full of amazing sets (More2DaFloor volumes 1 – 4 are VERY special) but the one I’ve selected is unique.

It’s unique because the audio is absolutely horrific! Mic feedback, the lot. Ever watched People Just Do Nothing? The whole series could be based on this set – the Kurupt FM boys would be proud.

However, this adds to the authenticity of it, and gives it an edgy rawness, which you just can’t recreate in a professional studio environment. Not to mention it features the late MC Sparks; a man that is truly missed on the UKG scene.

Sit back, listen, and enjoy.

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