Phase – Have I just funded a gap year?!

Ever since the world was introduced to the Phase Project there have been people begging to get their hands on it. Granted, this is mainly turntablists, but there is a place for this in my life too (I can barely perform a baby scratch).

Phase has promised to shake up the world of DVS. This appeals to me because, to be honest, I can’t stand  time-code.

I’ll tell you why.

Like many, I started off on vinyl and got pretty good at it. Then I took quite a break from DJ’ing and returned some years later to CDJs. Unpopular opinion here, but the CDJ has never set my world alight; I missed the feel of vinyl. I thought I’d found a happy medium in DVS but the high pitched whine kills me. Maybe because I wasn’t at the birth of DVS so I can’t appreciate how far its come, but even in loud environments I still know its there and it ruins the experience. Not to mention the usual woes of dust and jumping.

Let’s jump (no pun intended) back to Phase.

The original date was set to September. This was pushed back at the final hour due to user feedback which I think deep down everyone will appreciate. Phase road tested the hell out of this thing and took on the user base worries. They rectified (hopefully) rather than bringing out a Mk2 in 12-months time with a price hike.

The date was then pushed back to 28th November. People weren’t happy but accepted they will still get it before Christmas.

But I think this is what REALLY is getting on people’s wick…

Phase have put a lot of effort into marketing this. When I say a lot of effort, you see them present at every exhibition across the globe. They’ve done a world tour. They’ve even flown Jazzy Jeff into their office to test it. These things do not come cheap. It has been like this for nearly a year now. It’s a BIG thing. But, all the time while still taking pre-orders. In the last 2 months they have continuously posted about the lavish venues they are at with the pros showing off their skills – but no posts on how production is going.

Just TWO days before their launch (they were saying you would RECEIVE it on launch day), they cited manufacturing issues – pushing it back to January 2019. Just one day before this they were the other side of the Atlantic doing their thing. Now, I’m no expert, but for it to arrive through my letter box on launch day, all units would have had to been manufactured, boxed, and ready to go a week before at least? This meant that despite knowing they would not meet their consumers expectations they continued to drum up new orders knowing they couldn’t fulfil their promises….

Imagine building a hotel, accepting guests right up to 2 days before opening, then revealing you hadn’t built any walls yet? They were never going to get built in 2 days. Drastic example, but relatable.

This isn’t an attack on Phase – just a summarisation of the facts (in my interpretation of them).

Despite this Hic-cup, I’m still as excited as I ever was for this. I won’t be cancelling my pre-order and I’m glad this has been invented. Many, many folk will not share this opinion though.

There’s also one other thing to think about, imagine in this 2-month delay, another manufacturer swoops in and releases a similar product in time for NAMM?! Could the marketing ploy all have been a waste of time?

UPDATE 11/01/2019 – You’ll never guess what, this has been pushed back yet another 2 months. The initial loyal fanbase are angry. And with NAMM just round the corner, will my November prediction come true?! 

Thanks for reading


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