About me

This is a bit like an introduction, only more tedious.

I suppose I should give you some kind of background about me. What do I feel gives me the right to slap my opinions of the world-wide web?

Here goes. Please be patient.

I’m currently, at this moment of time, 33 years of age. The real Newton would be 375 years old, FYI.

I was viciously infected with the DJ bug at about 13 years of age. Being a DJ back then was 2 turntables and a mixer. What encapsulated me more than anything was that you couldn’t really teach how to mix. In order for one to learn something the general consensus is that you watch, observe, and then repeat. But Dj-ing back then was all done by ear so how could you repeat what someone else had done based on what they heard? Each person’s perception of them tiny vibrations into your ear drum will differ from the next in some way of other. This, therefore, developed into a test of my intelligence.

Growing up in South London, the Garage scene was BIG around this time. If you listen to any ‘Old Skool’ set, 90% of the tunes played will be from around this era, give or take 5 years. UKG was therefore my natural gravitation (Newton pun not intended but totally worth it)

I’ve had a long list of DJ gear along the way, which I’ve kindly documented, in the ‘DJ Gear CV‘ section. I won’t ruin the surprise here but I started collecting vinyl with any money I could get my hands on. Record shops were magical places back then. They were for the music lovers, not hipster hippy twats you’ll now find littered round Shoreditch High St.

My collection was growing, my knowledge of the tunes you would hear on Tape Packs was immense, and I was getting more confident by the day. This life was for me!

I was now 18, I had a nice list of Parties under my belt and I wanted the next step; Pirate Radio, Bars, and Clubs. But, something changed. I had to get a ‘real job’. The mixing became less and less, as did the visits to Record Shops and parties. I thought this what ‘growing up’ was. I didn’t like it. Despite this, my ‘normal’ life career was taking off. I was earning very good money for 22 (4 years later from the 1st sentence of this paragraph before I get shot by the Typo Nazi’s) but, this bug was still there. I, however, ignored it until about 2011.

2011 was when the iPad arrived on our shelves and the first time I’d ever seen a ‘DJ app’. This was amazing to me. No massive bags of Vinyl, just a slab of electronics and all your tunes in one place. In parallel to this, I set my decks back up in the Flat (to the annoyance of my now Wife) and used to play every now and then. It was back. I had relapsed.

Parties were happening again. The praise was back again. Happy me was then, back again. However, this wasn’t 1998 – 2002 anymore, pirate radio wasn’t really a thing, it was all online now. Something I personally thought ‘wouldn’t catch on’.

In 2016 I decided to try and play catch up and bought some digital Pioneer gear. This was easy! I got good again, and quick! But, still no professional progression was happening.

In 2017 I attempted to give it a real go. But instead of me being the happy teenager behind the decks, I felt frustrated. Disheartened. Toxic. I hated it. I’ll explain this in blog post at some point, something I think every ‘New’ DJ should be aware of.

I needed a rewind. I needed to go back to my roots. Where I was happiest. And where was that? The bedroom. In essence, there’s no shame in not progressing if you’re already happy and that’s exactly where I am.

I’ve decided to start this journey because there is no website or advice explaining this notion. Everywhere states you need to be aiming for main stage, but what if you don’t want to? I don’t. I may be in the minority but there will be others out there like me.

So, as of today, I’m a happy bedroom DJ nerd that will post mixes, give my opinion on new gear, and ramble in various blog posts.

I’m also willing to answer any questions thrown at me by anyone. There is no such thing as stupid questions, just stupid, self-righteous, twats that give sarcastic, bullying answers.

Thanks for reading.