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This area will simply showcase the corners of UKG. Have a suggestion? Hit me up!

17th September 2018

DJ EZ – Boiler Room

I’ll start off with the absolute godfather of UKG; DJ EZ. We’ve all heard of Boiler Room, but have you listened to the 3.5 hour special EZ did? It includes Majestic on the Mic and a cheeky vinyl set before the end. If you’ve never heard of EZ this is a good starting point. I would also question where you’ve been for the last 20 years. But hey, who am I to judge.

Enjoy and be amazed at what this human can do with 2 decks and a mixer


18th September 2018

Slimzee with Dizzee Rascal & Wiley

Many people in recent times will only remember Dizzee and Wiley for having a very public Twitter feud. But once upon a time these two could absolutely light up any set. This little gem was done for Sidewinder with Slimzee on decks. If you haven’t heard of Slimzee he’s been pushing the Grime scene from the start. If you were ever lucky enough to witness these 3 on the same set you witnessed grime history. Enjoy.

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